I’m Daniel Golden, a UI designer and front-end engineer currently working as a Design Engineer at Stripe.

I help build the experiences and interactions that my teammates and I have designed. Previously I was a Lead UX Engineer on the design systems team at New Relic where I designed and built tools that helped our designers work more efficiently. I also build living, breathing prototypes which enable research, testing, and more effective iteration. Check out my resume.



A local-first, plain-text, keyboard-focused notes app for taking notes at work. A love letter to markdown notes.

One Core Toolbox

A Figma plugin for product designers at New Relic that enables more efficient usage of the New Relic design system.

Prose linter

A tool for anyone who writes UI copy for New Relic that allows them test their copy for adherance to the writing style guide.

In-context docs

A New Relic feature that allows you to access and search the documentation without leaving the context of the incident at hand.